Sharing Modem Or Net Connection With An Additional Laptop is an IP (International Protocol) address normally used by Linksys broadband router. There are also other brands of network routers that use the same IP-address. If you have a Linksys router and the default IP address is not changed, you can easily connect by.  Here is a reference webiste about router setup.

This gives new normal rates earlier than 600Mbps between the border crossing points and a thousand Mbps network resulting from the swap rate to the point of this hundred Mbps input.

Install, attach and / or setup all hardware in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Each device on the network has at least one unique IP address. IP addresses are the numbers that you may have seen on the internet, such as: 70-1-2-125. On a home network, your IP addresses will look like or

The first thing you need to do is to set the router to its original or default settings. These are the same settings you configured when you first purchased the router. You can reset your network device to factory default settings, simply by pressing the reset button. Hold it for about 30 seconds before he started the factory settings. This is called “hard reset”.

I worked with a newly acquired laptop Acer eMachines E727. I tried to use the router to access the same wireless Internet connection with Windows 7 Home Edition operating system. I tried to install using the CD received version 2.0 I to the router software, but the error message I received said I had a problem of compatibility with the Windows version, which I ran. I spent some valuable Google search for a software update to solve the compatibility problem. I had no luck, and so as a last resort, I contacted many “Netgear Support”.

In today’s world everything comes with a red ribbon. The scenario can be quite different in the cyber world. To regulate the use of the same IP address over and over again, there is an organization called the request for an opinion. The RFC defines is that particular address, which is marked as a private address that people can use to access the Internet. There are other addresses in the range to and In order to identify more convenient, RFC they are aligned as follows: to 24-bit block to the block of 20 bits, and 192 168 255 255 16 bits block.

To connect the router to the modem, connect the cable to the router ports according to the labels. Labels can be different depending on the brand and you may need to refer to the documentation for assistance.

From now on, do not connect your router, modem or computer directly into the power outlet. Use a surge protector. Another thing to note is that the tapes can not surge. You do not have to disconnect, so you connect more than two things at the wall socket.